Artur - CEO and co-founder
R&D of all Leviteo projects also acts as the main project's coordinator .He is an open-minded person. He works hard and is always improving his programming skills – now focused on real-time 3d in browser and mobile apps. In free time he enjoys playing football and sailing. When traveling around the world he shares his knowledge. Working on world top quality 3D productions is his major long-term goal.
Robert - Managing Director and co-founder
Responsible for developing business and brands under the Leviteo Co. umbrella. A graduate of Business and Psychology degree program at Kozminski University in Warsaw. Entrepreneur since childhood, inventor and founder of many companies. Has a lot of experience in the new technologies business. Addicted to adrenaline and with his passion for aviation Robert is an airplane pilot.
Magda - Chief Financial Officer
Magda is a graduate of Jagiellonian University and Cracow School of Business. She is now in charge of the financial & administrative side of our business. Magda has no fear of cash-flow statements, tax and accounting issues.  Her biggest passions are travelling and Italian cuisine, she also enjoys watching good movies. She loves her iPad and really hates her Android phone.
Tomek - Strategy Manager and Marketing Director
Graduate of Cracow University of Economics and Cracow School of Business. Multitasking guy. Formerly analyst at one of top outsourcing companies, now head of our marketing department, coder’s worst nightmare constantly flooding them with new ideas, and last but not least a clear-eyed tester making sure apps get done right. After hours, Tomek is a Barclays Premiere League fan that unleashes the surplus of energy he generates on the pitch.
Paulina - Graphic Designer and Art Director
In designing, sensitive on detail. Always trying to keep an eye on wider context of things. Graduated faculties of Architecture and Graphic Design on Białystok University of Technology. Experienced and awarded in many design competitions. She is inspired by the vivid pictures and loves to be in constant movement. One of her greatest passion is contemporary dance.
Karol - Mobile Development Team Leader
Full time rocker, part time programmer. Always on the front line of coding. He won't rest until apps, his team is taking care of are flawless. He's been into the depths of the Internet you're afraid to visit. Finally, coffee junkie who likes to start fierce discussions in our kitchen.
Kamil - Leviteo Software Team Leader
Responsible for designing and implementing native version of our very own game engine. Dabbled around in few IT fields until he joined Leviteo and started working on engine. He finds his job extremely fulfilling. Artistically challenged but still tries his best with his limited imagination. Fan of MMO games, fantasy and sci-fi literature.
Claudia - Graphic Designer
Full time dreamer. Before, Claudia was working for Young&Rubicam based in Colombia. She has no fear to jump to an airplane, willing to start again doing what she likes but brave enough to learn a new language and live in a foreigner culture with the purpose to leave her trace in every thing she does.
Ewa - Mobile Developer
Company's fresh blood. After studying computer science at Bialystok Technical University for five years, she took her opportunity and joined our team. As befits a coder, Ewa is addicted to coffee. She is a huge fan of classic rock music and animals. Sometimes she gets grumpy, especially when it's cold and rainy outside. Coding helps her weather the storm.
Piotr - Mobile Developer
Fresh blood. Highly proficient coder by day, super gamer by night. Addicted to coffee and games, real mobile junkie who never leaves home without his iPhone. Always up to date with all the latest Apple and tech news. Last seen before Grand Theft Auto V release.
Magdalena - Junior Marketing Manager
Magdalena is a graduate of English Philology specialising in American Literature. She is now in charge of Leviteo's Social Media and Public Relations. That means she spends a lot of time on Facebook and stays in constant contact with local and mass media. In her spare time she studies Photography at Warsaw Academy of Photography and participates in organising the local festival. Enjoys a good book or a movie just like everyone else.
Rafał - Software Developer
Gamer and eSport enthusiast. Always dreamed about working on computer games, so now working on a 3D engine and specializes in procedural content generation. After work likes to craft something from metal and exotic wood, especialy knives. Addict to technical supporting of interesting cultural events... and coffee.
Mateusz - Junior Marketing Manager
Mateusz is a student of Bialystok University of Technology with faculty of management. He promotes Leviteo's products and services online. He is a very open minded person with a constant need of development. He gets inspired by everything he meets on his way. He always looks on a bright side of life and is not afraid of hard work. His greatest passion is dance, especially Locking style.
Adam - Mobile Developer
Adam graduated computer science at Białystok Technical University. After short break he returned to programming with more motivation than ever. In free time he likes to party and dance all night or watch some fantasy movies. Some people say he needs to discharge the batteries in his legs once a week to function normally. He's always trying to do his projects on time.
Leviteo is a full service digital agency gathering inventors, developers, designers and business decision makers working under six brands of Leviteo Company umbrella. Together we form a team dedicated to creating the most meaningful and effective digital solutions for everyone. With an entrepreneurial outlook we create, acquire and invest in projects with high level of innovation and potential for explosive growth worldwide. Our mission is to increase the value of every single project we are involved. Meet our brands
Junior Marketing Manager
The Junior Marketing Manager will be involved in planning implementing and optimising marketing campaigns of our products( mobile apps and software).
Junior Mobile Developer
As a Junior Mobile Developer you will be working with Leviteo Mobile team in the process of up-grading our current projects and programing new ones. Our team will help you to develop your skills and understand our standards on the way to create one of our new mobile apps with worldwide range and global market potential.
Web Developer
As a Web Developer you will be working with Leviteo Software team in the process of up- grading our current projects and programing new ones. Our team will help you to develop your skills and understand our standards on the way to create one of our new web technologies with worldwide range and global market potential.
3d generalist
As a Generalist 3D you will be working with Leviteo Graphic team in the process of up- grading our current projects and creating new ones. Our team will help you to develop your skills and understand our standards on the way to create one of our new worldwide projects.
We are working on numerous highly innovative software projects dedicated to B2B and B2C markets. We are currently focusing our resources on developing 3D graphics engine, called aexolGL.
We turn mobile apps ideas into successful products. Team of our mobile developers creates high quality apps for iPhone, iPad & all kind of Android devices. Our apps making life easier for millions of users.
Beside mobile apps we also create games. Our first project will be released this Fall, stay tuned :)
Observation of the fast growing mobile ads market allowed us to fully understand its potential. Together with InternetQ and Minimob (our strategic partners) we have created and developed Leviteo Affilliate Program - perfect monetization solution for mobile applications developers.
We are proud to be a official partner of one the biggest Technical Universities in Poland. Together we organise a series of apps development competitions for students. We also develop our know-how during the scientific research process with Bialystok Technical University.
A start-up foundry by Leviteo Co. We are looking for people with ideas or IT projects in the initial stage of development. We select, scale and choose the best way we can help making them profitable business. Money is not everything, we give much more than only money...